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Discover An Amazing Collection of Stud Earrings In Anchorage, Alaska

If you're considering buying a pair of earrings for yourself or to someone you love, you can never go wrong with studs, simply because they’re so charming that they can match pretty much any outfit you can think of.


At first sight, studs may seem pretty basic, but do not let yourself be fooled by their versatility: they have the power to make anything basic look amazing without being too flashy, but they could also upgrade any look if you wish so.


What studs can do for you will depend precisely on your personal needs and desires. The good news is that due to their compact design, studs are guaranteed to look good on any woman, regardless of their face shape.


Whether you want to keep it casual or you want to take a step further onto your path of being anything but basic, studs will do the job for you. All you need to do is find out which stud styles to choose from, depending on the occasion.


There are stud earrings for every taste. Their design varies from metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or silver, among others. It’s always best to choose the material that best suits your skin tone and your overall style and personality.


In general, the rule of thumb is to match your earrings with your skin color, which also applies to studs, is that lighter fairer skin is a perfect match to silver or white gold.


In contrast, more olive, warmer skin tones are extremely favored by metals such as gold and rose gold.


Of course, these guidelines are not set in stone, since other color factors, such as the gemstones within the studs, will also affect the overall look of your pair of earrings.


You can also find designs which mix and match gemstones (or even diamonds, if you want to go big) with the perfect fit for you, consider the following key factors: your skin tone, your eyes, or any accessories you may frequently wear.


If your eyes are green, for example, a green emerald gemstone would be perfect to enhance your look. But if you don’t want to go for an exact color match, a purple gemstone will work out just as well to make the color of your eyes pop and bring out the best in you.


The best thing is to talk to an expert, who will surely know how to advise you in terms of meeting all your expectations prior to purchasing the piece of your dreams, so that you’ll be so satisfied that you’ll be definitely coming back for more.


Now that you know the basics of stud earrings, you know where to find them. Come visit our store at 3689 Arctic Boulevard in Anchorage, Alaska, to check out our exclusive and varied selection.


We will gladly introduce you to our pieces and you’ll be able to try them on and clarify any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can also browse our selection of stud earrings on our website and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more jewelry inspiration.


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