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Capture The Fashion Spirit With Unique Bangle Bracelets Today

Michael’s Jewelers is proud to continually innovate with fresh and beautiful bangle bracelets. We’ve made it easy for you to craft signature looks with a striking effect and a bright play of colors.


Bangles are must-have jewelry pieces which add strong femininity and joy to even the most casual looks. If you love to laugh, dance, and enjoy life, bangles are the perfect jewelry pieces to bring out your personality.


Bangle bracelets are vibrant and colorful jewelry which not only help us feel super confident, but also come in a wide variety of styles you can truly enjoy when it’s time to put looks together.


You can contrast different bangles in yellow, white, and rose gold, based on the mood of the day or the message you want to send to the world!


Bangles create a distinctive modern allure you’ll never tire of wearing. Our diamond bangles and gemstone bangles look trendy all year round. Uplift your jewelry box with new bangles from Michael’s Jewelers and look ready to take on the world with elegance and style.


Our bangles are jewelry pieces you can easily style and wear on many occasions. You can wear them for a date night, casual outdoorsy celebrations, and they work if you throw them on with heels and a clutch as well. You can play around with different accessories to create new looks with the same bangle bracelet. They’re a great investment.


Look effortlessly chic with a selection of bangles which are handpicked with the highest standards by Michael’s Jewelers.


Bangles add an extra layer to your looks, instantly making anything you have on look more interesting. Make a statement with elegance and femininity by adding original bangle designs to your collection, and bask in the beautiful shine they add to your outfits!


If you’re an advocate for the power of clothing and accessories, and you like to feel on top of your style game, you’ll love how bangles can capture that vision of fashion and beauty without making you overthink about them.


Bangles draw out the fashion-forward spirit of the latest jewelry collections. There’s nothing experimental about bangles. On the contrary, they’ve become one of the few jewelry pieces that manage to look so contemporary while essentially being wardrobe classics.


From delicate to bold and eye-catching bangles, there’s a style for you among Michael Jeweler’s selection, full of potential favorites. Our key pieces include bangle designs which can become your new trademark accessories.


Add a touch of glam to your outfits with beautiful bangles and transform your looks with great designs, gorgeous textures, and dazzling colors. You can stack them in endless combinations and enjoy heartfelt compliments on how beautiful you look every time you put them on!


Explore versatile and stylish bangles and anchor any look with shine and personality. You won’t find a more dedicated staff anywhere in Alaska because we love to help customers find jewelry pieces that turn into their all-time favorites.

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