Yellow - Tension - Engagement Rings

Fabulous Tension Engagement Rings In Anchorage, AK

Tension engagement rings radiate indescribable elegance with a specially designed shank left open at the top. The diamond “pressed” in the gap of the ring seems to float. For many of us, this is the perfect reflection of the magic of engagement rings and love.


A tension engagement ring is an expression of the strength and harmony of your love. Inspire and let yourself be inspired by Michael’s Jewelers selection of tension engagement rings.


Whether you prefer a platinum or gold tension engagement ring, the impression in this style is always the same—a mesmerizing effect created by the intriguing design where the precise pressure in the metal frame holds the diamond in place with the gentlest touch.


That’s not the only benefit you get from picking out one of our gorgeous and unique tension engagement rings—in truth, this is one of the ring styles that allows for the best amount of light to filter through the center stone, making it sparkle beautifully from all sides.


Opt for an engagement ring with one of the most striking effects, and you’ll never regret your decision. Your sweetheart will adore such a unique and delicate engagement ring.


This is a ring style to enhance the brightness of any other accessories while still being the star of the show by representing the strength of your connection and love.


The center stone is raised slightly from the surface of the ring and gives it an imposing position, putting it at the center of attention.


A ring with such a meticulous design is no easy feat. The perfect blend of know-how and technology in jewelry design is applied enough so that the center stone is held securely in place while also positioning it so that it radiates wonderfully.


When shopping for an engagement ring, most of us pay attention to the shape of the center stone. This is an important factor, but we must also consider the type of setting.


The setting influences the ring’s beauty and plays an important role in its durability. The tension engagement ring design is a real eye-catcher that evokes light and beauty with almost no visual obstructions.


No matter where inspiration takes you - the tension engagement ring is always elegant, with light passing through from nearly all sides of the precious stone at the center, which makes it entirely captivating.


The diamonds selected for tension engagement rings showcase very high quality since the design doesn’t hide the smallest imperfections, making this one of the most flawless engagement rings.


It can’t get any more unique than this—as the diamond seems to be suspended in air, resulting in a very contemporary look, capturing light from all directions.


Most tension engagement rings settings are made for round diamonds—one of the shapes which sparkles the most, and it shows!


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