Split Shank - Engagement Rings

Beautiful And Unique Split Shank Engagement Selection In Anchorage, AK

If you want an engagement ring to show off your love to the world, you’re in the right place! Split shank engagement rings are so sweet, we’re sure she’ll smile brightly and answer a loud "yes!" to your proposal.


Don’t get butterflies in your stomach. Every design aspect of our jewelry is carefully curated according to the highest standards.


Our split shank engagement ring selection is elegant and highlights the centerpiece diamond with stark beauty that looks fabulous and never fails to draw eyes.


This ring style exudes radiance from all sides with dazzling accented diamonds or sleek intertwined designs.


If you want something unconventional and swoon-worthy, know she’ll love the endless combinations she’ll be able to make with this ring style, which can feature different center stone cuts as well.


This unique and oh-so-gorgeous engagement ring blends romantic inspiration with a contemporary take on classic designs, which speaks for itself.


If you love split shank engagement rings, our selection will catch your attention with some of the finest designs for this style.


As the name says, the shank of split shank rings is cleaved in two, making room for extra sparkles and a gorgeous peek of the finger.


Split shank engagement rings have the full power to become the symbol of your love and bring you joy for many years.


If the two of you enjoy bands with details and an intriguing effect, you’ll love the features in this style.


We have prepared a precious and lasting selection, with sophisticated and interesting engagement rings to please different tastes and preferences. Moreover, you’ll enjoy helpful advice when choosing a ring, and beyond that, we can assist you with every detail you’re looking for.


Split shank engagement rings stand on their own with style and characteristics from the past and future, resulting in a head-turning and dreamy ring.


There are many types to choose from. The choice of when and how to propose is always special and personal. Each couple is unique, like the engagement ring which will represent your love.


We want you to experience this moment with heartfelt joy. And that’s why we strive to provide you with a lovely selection of engagement rings and have specialists available to answer any questions.


The engagement ring will undoubtedly be one of the first steps for preparing a proposal that will bring you much joy. At Michael's Jewelers, you’ll find the perfect token of your love among our split shank ring selection.


If you feel the time for choosing an engagement ring is right, look for professional help. You can visit our showroom in Anchorage or contact us here, and we’ll help you select the ring of your dreams!

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