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If you cannot stop thinking about a free form engagement ring and you are in Alaska, Michael’s are located in Anchorage, and our experts will guide you through every relevant detail to find the free form engagement ring of your dreams.

Michael’s free form selection offers various models, all sumptuous, with ring mounts to be set with diamonds or your favorite gem, adorned with flowers, swirls, and even milgrain detailing.

The choice of a free form engagement ring is not done lightly because these simple and dazzling beauties are the embodiment of love-worn for life. Diamond or gemstones? Gold or platinum? Classic or original?

Our free form diamond engagement rings go perfectly with settings in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. They are magnificent proofs of love.

These rings which highlight the stone, remain the essential choice of future brides. Our engagement rings can be mounted as a vintage solitaire or on a ring with adorned paving.

Delicate and fashionable in recent years, rose gold immediately brings an additional touch of femininity to jewelry. Atypical, it allows our masters to offer original and refined creations.

Rose gold is more discreet than yellow gold and warmer than white gold, ideal for all women looking for an original engagement ring that is well-designed to blend with the other pieces of jewelry she wears.

Michael’s jeweler's store offers an anthology of absolutely divine rose gold rings like Parade’sLyria signature crown 18k rose gold ring.

Many brides-to-be still prefer a yellow gold engagement ring because of its natural warmth that favors all skin colors.

Associated with a diamond, yellow gold contrasts with the whiteness of the stone and brings even more intensity to the creation.

Platinum is your easy-to-wear color on a daily basis and will shine incredibly for long years with astonishing resistance to friction.

For sober and elegant choices, white gold engagement rings are timeless and very easy to wear daily.

More discreet than yellow gold or pink gold, it naturally connotes elegance through the sobriety of its color. We like to associate it with colored precious stones to give it even more radiance.

A diamond is always very popular among women. Its quality and value are defined by its size, weight, purity, and color. It also has the advantage of going with all styles, but also with other jewelry.

Depending on your girl’s tastes and desires, you can opt for one of our free form vintage styles with a solitaire air or fall for a model with a bolder stone.

Michael’s models enchant with free forms in a mixture of several colors of metals. We have selected the most beautiful models that are sure to make you fall in love!

We reinvent the engagement ring concept every season bringing even more elegance and creative forms to the freeform style, as it is with Parede designer’s two-tone twist bypass engagement ring: simply irresistible.

Give in to Michael’s show-stopping free form engagement rings. They will transform any proposal with luxury, love, and remarkable taste, in all three 18k golds or platinum.

Guarantee yours before they are gone! Michael’s store will certainly have the ring of your dreams in Anchorage, Alaska!
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