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The wonderful tradition of expressing you want to commit to someone on a deeper level through a tender ring came to us from the depths of centuries.

The exchange of jewelry, symbolizing eternal love and loyalty is a vivid event that remains in your memory for a lifetime. Looking at your engagement ring, after many years, you will smile with a smile from the happiest days of your family being born.

Centuries ago, engagement rings did not differ in particular beauty and sophistication, and their assortment was rather scarce. Now everything has changed. The design of the rings has become so diverse that sometimes choosing this important accessory takes time.

Consider two things when choosing an engagement ring, the design, and your budget. Remember that the person for whom you are proposing will wear it constantly and in addition to the appearance, the practicality of this accessory will play an important role.

The ring should not cause discomfort and inconvenience, and also it should combine with their existing style.

Come to us for the bewitching shine of yellow and white, or the splendor of pink gold combined with an array of precious stones to turn your engagement ring into a masterpiece of jewelry that mesmerizes with their exquisiteness.

All her friends will admire your relationship and wonder if they will ever find someone as caring as you are.

A proposal day is a happy event in the life of any couple, and engagement rings will become not only a favorite decoration but also a reminder of the significant event that happened in your life.

Here at Michael’s Jewelers, we offer a wide selection of jewelry, rings with diamonds, pearls, precious stones in solid or mixed metals to make your day magical and unforgettable.

We can also make engagement rings even more interesting and exclusive by engraving them. Our family-owned and operated store has served as the premier jeweler in Alaska since 1967.

The most popular inscriptions are special dates, names, as well as various statements about your story.

Engagement rings are a tribute to tradition and symbolic connections. Such paired classic jewelry can be thin or massive. They can convey a vintage air—a popular trend of recent years—with romantic designs or come decorated with more soft and delicate patterns. You can opt for a bigger central stone or smaller stones forming a pattern.

Your partner will be wowed by the meaningfulness behind your engagement ring and cherish you even more. Choose a ring with specific significance from the tones to the band and the pivotal stone.

If your partner is rooted in traditional and classic, our selection includes the right rings. If they like modern and simple, we have pearls and straight bands waiting for them. If your girl likes to shine and size, you are about to make her heart stop with our audacious engagement rings.

Because we know this ring will most likely accompany you and your beloved for many years, we have thought and designed pieces that are truly beautiful and unusual and we are sure you both will love.

Engagement rings will bring joy and remind you of a wonderful moment when you and your loved one express to each other how in love you have become.

Here, you will find the best engagement rings in Anchorage Alaska, featuring one-of-a-kind diamonds in white gold, yellow gold, and more. We also offer engagement rings with gemstones such as sapphire and more from high-end jewelry designers. Come visit us in Anchorage Alaska.


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