Tacori crafts essential jewels for fashionable and sophisticated people. These jewels of great quality burst with creativity and innovation and include rings, bracelets, men’s rings, engagement rings, and cuff links by Tacori.

Michael’s Jewelers is the chief location in Anchorage to find Tacori's most treasured collections. Michael’s selection includes Tacori’s most celebrated jewelry and does not lack alternatives for fashion combinations and gifts. Come feel the textures of smoothly polished and unusual shapes in various patterns of jewelry design.

Tacori’s Royal T collection combines designs of simplicity and luxury with precious stones set in gold and platinum with or without inserts in wide bands of refined design with or without stunning sapphires.

Larger man’s rings featuring large and non-glossy cabochon stones are the trademark of Tacori’s Legend Collection. They are both classic and smooth rings, models of original designs with unusual textures.

Explore man’s rings with intricate links from Tacori’s Ivy Lane collection: products of glossy and organic shapes to look spectacularly groomed.

Bracelets from Tacori include delicate and simple forms to make dazzling combinations. You will not know which one to choose: petite styles featuring yellow gold and decorated with tiny stones in chains.

Designers suggest stacking large eye-catching bracelets for urbane and chic looks. Michael’s carries the right pieces with bright half beads cast in two-tone gold with precious claps.

Shop for catchy and tailored Tacori jewelry in Anchorage, Alaska. The designs are bursting with clarity of lines, simplicity of patterns, strict geometric shapes as well as glamorous pieces for proposals and special events.

The moment of the proposal with Tacori’s fashion engagement rings will be complete at Michael’s. Find rings with precious stones meticulously carved in bold and extravagant designs.

Tacori’s engagement rings with large diamonds and styles of flowery motifs get the most attention. Such jewelry will make dresses, blazers, and casual outfits look more interesting.

Just come see how Tacori’s over-original interpretations of fashionable engagement rings look gorgeous. Our new collections attract both fans of minimalism and enthusiasts for radiant sparkle.

Tacori features incredible anatomic designs including the iconic and clever crescent silhouette that forms a heart. Sculptural, art-inspired jewels make Tacori a must-have brand in any jewelry box.

Make your image with Tacori choosing a highlight centerpiece. No matter the occasion, we have jewels made not only in smooth finishes but also in matte and thick textures ideal for layering.

Our experts are eager to supply you with fashion ideas to dress up or down with Tacori jewelry. These pieces will give you the freedom to look incredible and curated even on casual days.

Combine looks for office wear or business suits with incredible rings, cufflinks, yellow and rose gold, and platinum jewels from Michael's.

If you are looking for Tacori jewelry in Anchorage, Alaska, come to Michael’s. Here you can indulge in sleek and streamlined shapes that compose Tacori’s collections.

Michael's Jewelers is your to-go place to find incredible brands with confidence. Michael has been providing its customers with jewels and fashion brands for more than half a century. You can find our store at 3689 Arctic Boulevard in Anchorage, AK. We are waiting for you!
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